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Why The Black Woman Is Greatest Enemy To The Black Race!

Posted: February 27, 2016 at 11:40 am

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Why The Black Woman Is Greatest Enemy To The Black Race!

2nd Half Why The Black Woman Is Greatest Enemy To The Black Race!

Posted: at 11:40 am

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2nd Half Why The Black Woman Is Greatest Enemy To The Black Race!

Tommy Sotomayor – lybio.net

Posted: February 24, 2016 at 12:36 pm

http://Lybio.net The Accurate Source To Find Transcript To Tommy Sotomayor Ban Niggers.

[Tommy Sotomayor Ban Niggers]


[Tommy Sotomayor:] Source: LYBIO.net Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TNN Raw & Uncut, where you get nothing but news delivered to you with no filter and no script by none other than Tommy Sotomayor.

[Tommy Sotomayor:] Good evening everyone and welcome to the TNN News Raw. Im your host Mr. Tommy Sotomayor. Yet another incident related to the knockout game in which was told to me that its fake. We have an incident where yet another person who performed the knockout game, and we have one that arrested them, will do that story a little bit later.

Right now we have an incident where a young black man was walking up to a homeless white woman. And while another one of his companions was filming this incident because you know black folks love to film, fights, but you dont see many of them film rescues. You dont see many of them film; where they are helping someone. You dont see you dont see them saving anybody. You dont see them filming, graduations. You dont see them filming when theyre hiring somebody or when they feeding the homeless. You got to know; you dont really see this, but you do see them doing this. And what you should understand is why a lot of people just dont like black folks. I what you take a look at what he does to this homeless woman and how proud of himself he is after he does it. Take a look.

[Video Clip]

[Ibn Hunter Teen Knocks Out Woman In The Park]

[Tommy Sotomayor:] Source: LYBIO.net I probably shouldnt be doing this video right now based upon whats going on with me, but then Im not running for President and I dont plan on I never really doing it. So here goes.

He hear another black dude let him know basically like action, here is a lie here it goes so he let him know were going to record this CRIME. Then record your face performing this crime and put it online. So he says, Im gonna smack em, smack em, you know black folks how they kind of accents. Whatever, he sound like a extra from Juice. [film]

So he smacks the woman hard as he possibly could and he is proud of it. And his little punk ass dude thats recording. [mimics laughing]

Theres something wrong with black people. And its the black people who are typically raise body is black. Woman who have no problem with having anybodys kid because theyll lay down, get pregnant, and have the kid.

And you have to blame the individual who has the most power. I dont give a damn what the dudes do. The woman is the one who determines if a life grows and comes into the world. She determines it. So for you guys to sit and try to not put the blame on this individual if youre not in a relationship with that man, you probably shouldnt have that kid. If you plan on screwing, it makes no sense, but were going to allow to happen.

So let me point something out to you. These young boys are acting just like the black woman that bore them.

See, if you talk to a black woman right now, no matter what she does, its not wrong.

So you watch these dudes sit up here; they have no remorse for what theyre doing. And then you wonder why people shoot them.

Let me point something out, people didnt like what I said in the knockout game video.

When I said, if you see these little niggaz coming at you, you should probably shoot them.

Well, if this woman had a gun and she had followed my advice, wed have one less nigger to worry about, instead of another violent nigga thats on the street.

Then of course, Barack Obama likes to tell you we need to ban guns.

Well, let me put this out to Barack Obama and help him out. You could stop more crime Barack Obama if you just ban niggaz. You can keep the guns, just ban niggaz. I understand what youre thinking, hes black, how can he say that? I understand that the world might not even know the difference between blacks and niggaz. And at this point Im willing to take the sacrifice.

Im willing to say that if they just decided to just find out all the jackass, who were raised by these jackass bitches, who give them jackass names, because they were born with jackass names. If you dont know who your motherfucking baby daddy is, thats not your motherfucking man, you brought that kid into the world and youre already didnt have no money. You brought that kid into the world when he said, he dont want it, youre a bitch.

You bringing that kid into the world anyway just because you got pregnant because of her biological function, even though motherfuckers go to through all the Roe v. Wade to give you all these damn options to stop that shit, you dont even ask the dude, do you want to be a father? You get to make a nigga be a father and then you produce these motherfucking kids that are being sponsored by the government, yeah. Banning niggaz would probably solve 80% of crime in America.

Barack Obama says you want to ban guns, which cant work without somebody using them. You could ban niggaz, who actually have free thought and actually go around ruining everyones life.

[Tommy Sotomayor:] Source: LYBIO.net Right now, Im dealing with a group of niggaz who fuck with me all day. But they dont stop any crime in their neighborhood. They dont stop any slappings like this, rapeings like this, killings like this. They cant get together on line to even help educate children. But they can get together online and try to fuck with me, to try and destroy everything I built without them for years, 20 years, 15 years. And many of you motherfuckers gave a shit about me?

People Ive knew, people who was in my family, didnt give a shit.

Whatever was going on, you didnt have you didnt have a sign board saying, you need to do that right.

Now all of a sudden when a nigga has gotten his life together, motherfuckers show up to destroy it. Same damn thing you have here. Niggaz show up to fuck shit up. Thats all niggaz do. They dont build anything, thats why you cant look around and why they going to go back harken back to We built this country.

The only reason you black motherfuckers were able to build a country is because you enslaved by white people. Had white people given you the fucking freedom and walked off the land, America would look crap. America wouldnt even be America, it would be taken over by somebody else, thats the fact. You need a damn slave master to get the majority of niggaz to do what they suppose they damn do.

And if you dont have slave masters or police or something like that, niggaz is going to fuck it up. Look at everyday on the country, on the planet, NIGGAS FUCK IT UP!

But you dont like me saying that. Well, I dont give a damn, because Im sick and tired of seeing uncivilized people that happen to look just like me, and pretend that theyre not uncivilized. I dont get on a bus full of white people and think, probably I might get shot.

I dont get on a bus full of white people and think, I might get robbed.

I dont get on a bus full of white people and think, I might get punched.

I dont go on the fucking Internet and think, white people are going to start fucking with me and destroying what I built. Never thought it.

But niggaz, niggaz you going to worry about if they are going to show up at your fucking house. Niggaz, youre going to worry about if theyre going to rob you. You cant even call a motherfucking black prostitute without thinking some thug niggaz is coming with this bitch to rob you.

How many niggaz have you done seen in the news that been called a black prostitute and got shot or robbed.

Barack Obama, if you could put this, turn this into a bill, ban niggaz.

You know it for a fact thats why you dont hang with niggaz. You know it for a fact and even other rational black person knows you do not hang with niggaz.

[Tommy Sotomayor:] Source: LYBIO.net These niggaz aint shit, these non-speaking Jamal-Kuatious motherfuckers, these niggaz they get more damn credit for being in four years in jail, than they being four years in college, these mother fucking hoodie wearing sons of bitches, when you all say, my son could have been Trayvon [Martin].

These niggaz walk around with hoddies and they arent doing no damn good. Im sick of you trying to act like, oh, every kid will NO, NIGGAZ IS FUCKED UP. NIGGAZ IS JACKASSES.

And if you got an opportunity, when you see one of them come up on you, if you dont notice motherfucker, you dont own this motherfucker nothing, he aint your homeboy. Do whatever to fuck you need to do to get him out of your fucking face. This is why we need to make sure that they understand that the Second Amendment needs to be upheld and we dont need people to talk about; we need to take guns out of the hands of regular citizen, because I wish this white woman had had a gun. Heres what Id really wish would happen.

All the white people who saw this happen online right now that they round themselves up, some good old boys and some trucks. And they go to their neighborhood, this is not the niggaz would do nothing, I know what a white people sit down, they were scared because a shit load of niggaz around and if you stood up to do anything, you probably get killed, which is fucked up. But they get them good old boys together and ride through that motherfucking neighborhood one night and let off. I mean clean that motherfucker out, because Im sick of niggaz. I dont go to no I dont go through any place wheres predominantly white and honestly think, I got to watch my back.

But everywhere you go, theres predominantly black. You feel like you got to watch your fucking back. No matter where it is in the United States, you see a bunch of niggaz, you got to watch your back. You go down to New Orleans. If its a bunch of white people on the street, you never feel like, oh, I might get robbed. If its a bunch of niggaz on the street, you know you going to get robbed, but you know somebody going to get robbed, and you know somebody going to get shot and you know a fight gonna break out, in that bitch. And you can get mad at me all you want, everyone of you niggaz will get mad at me, none of you would move into a black neighborhood, none of you would.

None of you niggaz online who talk all the shit about me, none of you would say, what let me go to one these black neighborhoods to prove to Tommy how down I am. Almost every nigga that claim they dont like me does it from a comfort of their fucking house.

They didnt even go show up at the damn Million Man rally and I did and Im a coon. So aint it funny?

Anyway Barack Obama, I hope this gets across your desk. Ban niggaz, put a ban on niggaz, put a ban on these bitches who can just lay down and have a kid by anybody. Be on child support, put him in jail while she gets to collect motherfucking benefits from the government.

Put a ban on that shit.

I guarantee you, youd see as Donald Trump said, AMERICA WOULD BE GREAT AGAIN, ban niggaz.

Im Tommy Sotomayor. This is TNN News Raw. Fuck you and good night.

Oh, and PS. We have no idea what this is. It will take niggaz to turn them in unless the white people turn them [do it].

So heres the thing, niggaz wont turn each other in.

What do you think would happen if a white boy did something like this? And other white people wouldnt turn him in?

What do you think those white people would be called?

Well, everyone of them would be called racist. They would be protecting the white man. They protect those racists. This is a hate crime.

This should be looked at as a hate crime.

It wont be, but if you change the situation and if there was some white boys circling the older black woman and slap the shit out of her, we would have black lives matter movement. Barack Obama would be on TV, giving a motherfucking speech.

Yet right now, nobody knows where this happened, when this happened or nobody gives a shit.

[Tommy Sotomayor:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T Barack Obama didnt hear about this, about the little niggaz thats in his cities Chicago to run around fucking shit up. Nop! He wont take guns out of people hand. He dont want take motherfucking niggaz out of the streets, remove niggaz from the streets.

Guarantee you, America would be a better place. Every street you move niggaz out of, have a certain amount of niggaz that can live in each city. Watch what would happen.

[Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime] Same as it ever wasSame as it ever wasSame as it ever was Same as it ever wasSame as it ever wasSame as it ever was Same as it ever wasSame as it ever was

Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down Letting the days go by/water flowing underground Into the blue again/in the silent water Under the rocks and stones/there is water underground.

I hope a group of white boys go through that neighborhood and pop everything moving!

The fact that this is common place for niggaz in America to be violent.. IM BLACK AND I THINK ITS IN A NIGGAZ NATURE TO BE UNCIVILIZED!

To only be able to build when they are under the rule of others!

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Tommy Sotomayor Ban Niggers

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Tommy Sotomayor Ban Niggers. Black folks love to film, fights, but you dont see many of them film rescues. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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