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Youtube to BAN tommy sotomayor’s hate speech RIGHT NOW

Posted: May 18, 2016 at 5:56 am


SINCE 2012 , THERE IS A MAN WHO’S GOVERNMENT NAME IS CALLED THOMAS JEROME HARRIS , who makes racist remarks at black women , children and men . He stalks some black women on facebook , twitter etc. and MAKES YOUTUBE VIDEOS generalizing a whole race of women negatively and says someone should EXTERMINATE black women .* FOR example he NITPICKS any daily news story ONLY involving black people or mixed people , and uses it to create a false discrimination against black people .

He nitpicks videos of black women on WORLDSTARHIPHOP (which is an ignorant website ) , of black women fighting , and uses these videos to give his worthless opinions and stereotypes black women as “beasties ” to the DEMOGRAPHIC of women . * HE likes to call black women “bt 1000 ” describing black women as a “termanatrix” meaning black women like to use violence and never stop “dying “.

This is important because THOMAS JEROME HARRIS AKA tommy sotomayor targets a certain race of women (black women and black people ) and generalizes them to CREATE violence and hatred towards them offline and ONLINE . He also targetsGAYS , MIXED PEOPLE and little children . Several times he has said “whites should shoot black people ” ,” white people to shoot unarmed black kids ” &” black men should shoot black women ” (PROOF : THE VIDEO ABOVE ). He has reported black women are “BASTARD baby makers” and he also has made videos where he was GLAD that a black child gotten ran over a car. TOMMY has made shirts imprinted ” there should be MORE george zimmermans and darren wilson’s in the black community ” telling more whites to SHOOT black men .* He has been seen wearing ” please don’t taze me bro ” symbolizing and GLAMORIZING police brutality against PEOPLE OF COLOR.* Tommy also GLAMORIZES domestic violence , he tells men to BEAT women . In which Tommy has been arrested for domestic violence once in the past.

IN 2013 , tommy was supposed to make a documentary about fathers being in their child’s life , and the DOCUMENTARY WAS NEVER MADE …! HE HAS reportedly took 3, 000$ from his fanbase and never gave them a documentary in 2 years due late…

This man reportedlyHas 40 + youtube channels , which all discriminate black women , children , gays, men and daily harrasses black people , random people on social media . I think tommy sotomayor is BEING funded BY supremacists . He has been saying he has been aided by RUSH limbaugh who has been racist and sexist . * Instead tommy sotomayor has a HITLER- twist in his hate speeches , telling people to KILL AND BE violent towards women and blacks.

YOUTUBE has gotten worse when his”FANS” has influenced his ILL AND mentally sick hate speech , and made videos all over youtube telling black men to hate black women .THIS makes a website

an HAZARDOUS PLACE CAUSING hatred and violence , because of this waste of sperm creating stereotypes and generalizations .”

-The website has been promotinghis videos , even when you don’t even watch videos relating to RACE .

HE targets people because he has low – self esteem and been arrested more than once . He is creating THOUGHTS OF GENOCIDE and violence towards our new generation of boys telling them to hate black women and women in general with SEXIST VIEWS AND REMARKS . I think tommy sotomayor rehearses hate speeches written for him , from a racist .


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Youtube to BAN tommy sotomayor’s hate speech RIGHT NOW

Tommy Sotomayor – Encyclopedia Dramatica

Posted: May 16, 2016 at 10:23 am

From Encyclopedia Dramatica

Tommy Sotomayor (Thomas Jerome Harris) is a YouTube personality, documentarian and successful fundraiser. He is not your average YouTube ranter; he is a black gentleman who contrary to his dark skin and boisterous nature hates niggas, with a keen and focus eye towards black women.

According to the Book of Sotomayor, “black women are a bunch of evil, child abusing, lazy, aggressive cunts who are too obsessed with their hair.” While the layman would concluded that Tommy himself seems to be pretty much obsessed with hair their hair too, as evidenced by the youtube search results for Tommy Sotomayor and Hair. This would be erroneous and duplicitous, just like black women.

Some argue that the Tommy we know and love, was shaped through his broken and empty childhood where he was raised by a whore of a mother and imaginary father. He was furthered damaged by the greedy hands of his ex-wife and a couple of encounters with nasty black pussy. This would be grossly inaccurate as it implies there is good black pussy. Still others think he is a Klansman born in the wrong body. The more likely of scenario is that one too many rejections carved into the fragile bones of the True Black Jesus, thus leaving him thoroughly embittered towards blacks in general.

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Like rape in an elevator, Tommy is right on so many levels, and watching him is entertaining as hell.

Around 2013, Tommy announced he was filming a documentary called A Fatherless America about all the children with deadbeat dads. He started an Indigogo account and raised more than $38,000. He announced he would be filming in January 2014, then pushed it back to March 2014. Then May 2014. After months went by, people began accusing him of spending all da money. Tommy during this time was traveling around the country, attending NBA games, and fell in love with a Russian lady name Svetlana, who apparently, is a whore and porn star.

In March 2015 and started a SECOND second Indiegogo fundraiser to “promote” A Fatherless America and netted more than $65,000. Ka-ching.

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As of the spring of 2016, A Fatherless America is still not playing on a screen near you.

In March 2016, Tommy false-DMCA’d a video using his own video footage on it from the user TheAmazingAtheist. He argues that it doesn’t lie under fair use, but any rational person would understand that Tommy does the EXACT SAME FUCKING THING ON HIS CHANNEL, with news coverage and other footage. He even acts like a social justice warrior himself, blocking comments and disabling ratings to anyone who disagrees with him.

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Later, he sets up ANOTHER crowdfunding page. He wants $100,000 on GoFundMe to “stop liberalism”, in response to the “white liberals” that attacked him. If your dumbass wants to be scammed, just click here.

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Tommy Sotomayor – Encyclopedia Dramatica